Golam Mostofa

Managing Director

Dear Customers,

Since we have started our success story, we are much more aware of our customers’ satisfaction. We always consider our customers are one of the most valuable partners in our business. As for the result of our such dedication along with increased satisfaction of our customers, our endeavour has been expanded gradually for more production units onward towards our core capacity. To meet continuous demands of our customers, we have taken highly ambitious initiatives and added strength of installed automated  jacquard machines including “Multi-Gauge” jacquard facilities, all  those as to add further value to our orientation. Hence, by dint of acquisition of this large manufacturing facilities aggregated with our long standing operational experiences, we have successfully deployed the resource of full strength functional rally of our high skilled Human capital. Our factories  are well organized with efficient merchandisers, skilled quality control team and highly motivated cognizant technical persons from home and abroad. Our quality assurance policies  play pioneer  to strengthen our bond with our valued customers and making them work with us long, repeatedly. Thus, the circumstances has made us more committed to ensure everything for executing all the deliveries in due time and always only with highly accepted quality  products. MNR Group conserves strong ethical practice with duly guaranteed record of workers’ welfare and contingent policies satisfying industrial laws and workers’ demands as well, and all but on account of unbound and unchained harmony with the ever changing socio-cultural situation. At the end I would also like to thank all our valued customers, suppliers and partners because their support has helped us enormous and would  help endlessly to go forward for further more.

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand